Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Impressions from The Witcher 2

Well, I've only played about 1,2 hours worth of gameplay for now and I've queued everything up to be uploaded...

I can't say much about the game as of right now but I'm really enjoying it for now. Things that are kinda bothering me is the ridiculous amount of rolling you have to do and the slow-mo when changing abilities. Not that that's any major issue to complain about!

Also one thing that's kinda been bothering me is the fact that the optimization for this game isn't as good as you'd expect from a triple A sequel such as this. Lots of people are complaining about it running poorly at low fps even on good gaming rigs, and quite frankly I'm not pleased with the rather ridiculous fps drops I have to deal with sometimes (sometimes it drops to ~15), it doesn't appear bad during the recording but still its not as fluid as I'd want it to be. Maybe a patch will be released pretty soon? Who knows?

Though I couldn't care less about that right now... All I'm waiting is for the uploading to get done so that I could work on the next batch of videos to render!

Happy gaming everybody!

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